About us

The reason why?

Working in a male dominated environment, Adele, the founder of our website found herself feeling anxious as the symptoms of the menopause unfolded in front of her, making the every day feel increasingly difficult. From breaking out into hot sweats during presentations in a male dominated working environment to feeling sudden anxiety and fatigue she had never experienced before the effects were truly debilitating.

As an ex professional dancer she experienced severe joint pain in her late 40s. After research she turned to organic herbal oil blends to help ease her joint pain but found out that it helped ease her hot sweats and helped her sleep better. The missing link was a deficiency in B vitamins which gave her a boost of energy. She realised that this vitamin deficiency is very common during menopause.

Even though every woman experiences menopause differently and each path is unique, it’s a time of transition that every single woman across the globe shares at some stage in their life. Menopause can bring a great deal of anxiety with a huge list of symptoms ranging from hot sweats, insomnia, fatigue etc. which we hope the information across this website will provide valuable information to help women across the UK and beyond.

Adele found a natural menopause treatment that worked for her, and now she and her daughters are wanting to help other women find the right solution for them. They recognise that every woman’s menopause journey is unique and many women are looking for a more natural approach.

On our website, we look for products that aim to relieve the symptoms of menopause, peri-menopause, post menopause and contain no artificial hormones. 

Core Values

We are a family-run business who want to make a difference to the well-being of others.

Our 3 core values are Kindness, Understanding & Empathy.

As women age, there are many difficulties that women face. As a business created by women for women, we support our customers naturally and with understanding through a very difficult time.

Many women feel ashamed to admit they have symptoms because it was a taboo subject in the past. So we want to create a safe and informative space where you can ask the questions you may not always feel comfortable to ask publicly.